Request for Donations Form

Watertown Savings Bank (WSB) focuses sponsorships and donations on organizations that promote affordable housing or provide programs directed at lowto moderate-income individuals/households.

Donations are restricted to non-profit organizations headquartered in areas where WSB is located: Arlington, Belmont, Lexington, Newton,Waltham and Watertown. Organizations and/or their members that have a relationship with WSB will be given priority.

Requests for donations are reviewed by committee on a monthly basis. Our policy is not to provide funding to individuals, religious or political groups. For questions regarding this form or WSB's Donation and Sponsorship Guidelines, please contact Kelly Cronin in the Marketing department at

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Watertown Savings Bank
Marketing Department
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617-972-9218 Attention: Marketing Department
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Please indicate how your organization promotes affordable housing or provides services to lowto moderate-income individuals/households. Please include any supporting documents.
Briefly describe who/what your organization serves.
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