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CD Account Rates

Enjoy the comfort of earning a higher rate of interest on your funds, while avoiding any risk to your principal. We offer certificates of deposit with competitive rates and a broad range of maturity dates.

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Term Minimum to Open Interest Rate APY
CDs for Checking Account Customers1
Special Long Term Certificate- 47 month $1,000 2.47% 2.50%
Special Medium Term Certificate- 27 month $1,000 1.98% 2.00%
Special Short Term Certificate- 10 month $1,000 1.74% 1.75%
Special Money Market CD2
120-Day Money Market $1,000 .05% .05%
Regular CDs
Three Month $1,000 .10% .10%
Six Month $1,000 .10% .10%
Nine Month $1,000 .10% .10%
Eleven Month $1,000 .10% .10%
One Year $1,000 .10% .10%
Fifteen Month $1,000 .10% .10%
Eighteen Month $1,000 .10% .10%
Two Year $1,000 .10% .10%
Thirty Month $1,000 .10% .10%
Three Year $1,000 .20% .20%
Four Year $1,000 .20% .20%
Five Year $1,000 .20% .20%
Six Year $1,000 .20% .20%


Interest compounds monthly. For more information regarding applicable fees & terms, please speak to a Branch Manager or Customer Service Representative. Rates are subject to change without notice. Minimum balance to earn interest is $50.00.

Available for personal accounts only. In the event that the depositor is allowed to withdraw all or part of his/her deposit before maturity, a penalty may be imposed. Fees may reduce earnings.

CDs from 6 month to 6 year are also available for IRA CDs, and earn the same annual percentage yield as corresponding CDs.  Minimum deposit for IRA CDs is also $1,000.

1 You must have and maintain an active WSB checking account to open these CDs and earn the advertised rate.  If the account does not remain "active" the interest rate will be reduced by 1.00%. (.10% when initial rate is 1.00% or less).  Active checking account is defined as either direct deposit of your payroll or social security check, or at least five transactions per month within 60 days of account opening.

Withdrawals of $1,000+ are allowed during the term (six calendar days between withdrawals). Maximum balance is $500,000.

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